Quick Reference

Meters Init. vs. Penalty
Close 1 1 -
Reach 2 1 -
Near 4 2 -
Short 12 3 d8
Medium 32 4 d12
Long 100 5 2d12
Action Speed
Very Fast 1 AP Stride
Fast 2 AP Aim
Prone Stride
Standard 3 AP Attack
Stand Up
Slow 4 AP Run
Very Slow 5 AP+ Focus*
Action Speed
Aim 2 Fast
Attack 3 Standard
Cast 3 Standard
Dash 2 Fast
Focus Half Max Very Slow
Guard 2 Fast
Prone Stride 2 Fast
Ready 2 Fast
Refresh 2 Fast
Run 4 Slow
Sprint 3 Standard
Stand Up 3 Standard
Stride 1 Very Fast
Stunt 3* Standard
Unreel 2 Fast

What is Silverclaw?

Silverclaw is my revamped version of Ironclaw, which is a furry tabletop role playing game system. I am not affiliated with the makers of Ironclaw, nor do I own the rights to it. That doesn't stop me from building my own largely homebrewed system off of it. If you decide that you like Silverclaw, please go support the creators of Ironclaw by purchasing one of the original rulebooks in physical or pdf format.

I will be uploading my rule revions here for any to use, as well as my attempt at an interactive Silverclaw character sheet. If time permits, I may work on creating a record of my ongoing campaign, 'Furries at the Gates.'